The Girl


Salutations! I’m Rebekah, the girl with her head in the clouds. This is my blog where I share writings, snippets of life, reflections, poetry, photography, ponderings, and tales of God’s goodness and grace. I’m so glad you took the time to stop by today!

// randomness about me //


an INFP | a Christian | a dreamer | a wannabe author | a poet | a photographer | a blogger | a stuffed animal lover | a sister | a daughter | a design hobbyist | a foodie | a soldier of Christ | an overthinker | a lover of life | a girl who wants to change the world.


dark chocolate | the sound of rain pattering on the roof| Canva | nature | aesthetic food photography| pretty graphics | bokeh and light streaks | drawing and crafting | the promise of the Bible | miniature things| beautiful bullet journals | stormy sunsets | comfy sweaters | Romans 8:38-39


awkward | sensitive| always dreaming | an extroverted introvert |  timid yet stubborn | laughing at everything | crying at everything | always stuck with unrealistic ideas and fanciful thoughts | embracing the moment though I knows the universe is endless and I’m only a tiny fish swimming against the currents of a larger ocean.


34 thoughts on “The Girl

  1. Hi Rebeka! Your blog is soooo cute, love it! (especially the name!) Canva is practically my best friend; although sometimes I do cheat and use Picmonkey. 😂 I feel like taking pictures of food is a weird thing everyone secretly likes lol! When did you start your blog?/

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    • Hi Sarah! Aww, thanks! My sister was actually the one who thought of the name, and I stole it. *malicious grin* Yes, ikr??? I do prefer it a lot over Picmonkey, but I admit I sometimes cheat too. XD And ahh, yes. FOOD PHOTOGRAPHYYY. *fangirls wildly* I started this blog a few months ago, I think, some time after I started my toy blog, but only recently began actively posting on it!

      P.S. I hope you don’t mind me using your graphics for the Candy Book Tag without asking. 🙂 I didn’t know they were yours at first, and so I just used them. It was later that I realized I should have given credit and hurriedly linked to your blog. 😀 I guess asking first pretty much slipped my mind…they’re gorgeous, by the way!

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    • Oh, okay! I just got a Khan Academy account a few weeks ago…I really need to try some more of their courses! Thanks so much for the recommendations. 🙂


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