A Month In Review: June

Why hullo there, cloud people! Have you all had a wonderful June? Today I’m going to review this month, and at the end you’ll see my rating for June! if the featured image didn’t give it away already

That works better for me than the “monthly recap”  most bloggers do, because ahem. How on earth do you even set “GOALS” for the next month?? and actually STICK to them instead of jumping all over the place and suddenly discovering new hobbies like me?? Things work for different people, okay.

So nothing about goals. Deal?

Anyways. Here goes the looong lists. #sorrynotsorryRead More »

30 Things That Are Uniquely Me

(Thanks to Samantha @ Redhead With A Book for providing the inspiration for this post. 🙂 )

There are a lot of people in this world that look like me, talk like me, who have identical personalities, and who share similar hobbies to me.

But what I triumph in is the fact that I’m special. There is absolutely nobody else in this whole entire universe who is the same as I am. And I’m PROUD of that.

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the fisherman


He sat cross-legged on the helm of the tiny boat, smelling of slime and saltwater. His young eyes were brisk and attentive, and yet worn with creases of sleeplessness that penetrated his skin. Beside him sat his father, and behind him, his brother was carelessly dipping his toes into the water.Read More »

The Interview Collab w/ Rachel Vincent

Hello, hello, hello! How is your day? I’m currently catchin’ up on computer life after being super busy for the past week. But that’s not important. What is important is…

The Random Name Picker chose me to do my first ever collab with Rachel Vincent from Nancy Drew! 🙂 We decided to do one of the simplest and yet most enjoyable posts: interviews! In this post, I’ll answer the ten questions she gave me here, but be sure to also check out her answers to my questions on her blog!

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