The Science Project {Creative Catalog Writing Challenge #1}

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This is for the Creative Catalog Writing Challenge (CCWC) hosted by Kitrina & Samantha @ Dolls N’ All.

I panted breathlessly as I hurried down the hall, my eyes flashing. Jonathan Snyder had made me late again. He’d done it three times already: “accidentally” emptying my backpack on the ground. Scattered papers take long to retrieve. The bell was ringing. I thought of Jonathan, now sliding into his chair and smirking, and was blinded with rage.

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Halfway To Capernaum

wheat picture


*waves hand frantically*

*realizes that she has the cheesiest ever introductions to her posts*

Last week, Light4TheLord and I agreed to each write a 5k short story this week and post it on our blogs. Oh, my. We are both extremely #competitive, so of course we lived up to the challenge.

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the fisherman


He sat cross-legged on the helm of the tiny boat, smelling of slime and saltwater. His young eyes were brisk and attentive, and yet worn with creases of sleeplessness that penetrated his skin. Beside him sat his father, and behind him, his brother was carelessly dipping his toes into the water.Read More »