HITC Is Moving!

If you haven’t already heard from my other blog + my blog tour…

I’m retiring from Head In The Clouds! But never fear, I’m not giving up on personal blogging — instead, this site is moving!

To a brand new blog with a brand new design and a brand new style.


~ CLICK HERE! to be automatically transported to my new personal blog, Tunes Of My Heart! ~

And better yet, my “twin” is also launching her new personal blog! And together, the two of us our doing a coordinated blog tour!

Click HERE for the whys and hows of Tunes Of My Heart and the blog tour.

…and HERE for the blog tour schedule.

(and while you’re at it with my links, click HERE for my twin’s new blog. 😉 ).

I’ll be missing posting on Head In The Clouds. But I know that the best is yet to come with Tunes Of My Heart. 🙂 See you over there!

Signing off for the last time on this blog,

Gold Gradient Signoff


Farewell 2017

And just like that, it’s over.

I’m having mixed feelings right now as I type this up. It’s New Year’s Eve, and tonight at midnight, a page of history — the year 2017 — will be flipped over, never to return again.

All those moments, these moments, those future moments, was and is and will soon be simple blots of ink in pages of history that flip themselves throughout days and months and weeks and years. And so the ticking of that clock continues, and our hearts continue beating, to the mysterious rhythm of time.

I’m musing and reminiscing on the past events of this year. 2017 wasn’t my best year so far, but I’m sorry to see it go, anyhow. It wasn’t filled with as many blissful moments and leisurely expeditions as what made 2016 so special to me, but life is more than clear, see-through bliss, right? Life is also composed of disappointment, fear, stress, anger, and regret: all those things that make joy and happiness shine out so brightly. I’ve experienced more wildly challenging moments and more wildly joyous moments this year than all my previous years combined, and, and throughout those wild ups and downs — 1 year, 12 months, 365 days, 8760 hours — I’ve seen more and more that there’s a faithful Friend out there with whom there is no shadow of turning.

And that’s exactly what made 2017 so special to me.

To prevent this post from becoming too poetic and depressing and totally unlike my writing style…I’ll go ahead and recap my year by including a few highlights from each month!Read More »

Walk Photography

Yes, that is totally a legitimate title. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Can you find a better name for it? It’s not “Trail Photography” because some of these pictures were taken in the city. It’s not “City Photography” because pretty much most of them are of plants and cool things. It’s not “A Springtime Walk” because it wasn’t exactly springtime when I took these.

It’s Walk Photography. Alright? No arguing, please.


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The Science Project {Creative Catalog Writing Challenge #1}

Classroom CCWC.png

This is for the Creative Catalog Writing Challenge (CCWC) hosted by Kitrina & Samantha @ Dolls N’ All.

I panted breathlessly as I hurried down the hall, my eyes flashing. Jonathan Snyder had made me late again. He’d done it three times already: “accidentally” emptying my backpack on the ground. Scattered papers take long to retrieve. The bell was ringing. I thought of Jonathan, now sliding into his chair and smirking, and was blinded with rage.

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A Beautiful Disaster // Character Interview With Daisy @ Caught Daydreaming

In case you haven’t heard, Daisy, the amazing blogger behind Caught Daydreaming, is going to have her novelette, “A Beautiful Disaster,” published in just a few days!!

I could not RESIST signing up to do a character interview with her as part of her launch tour. Because this is all just so exciting!

Today I’m going to be interviewing Aspin, the princess of the pyxie, one of the main characters in her novelette. She is my new BFF and I want to read the book now… *sobs*Read More »