My Dream Day That Will Never Ever Happen *sobs*

Let’s just say dream days never happen.


I mean, be real?? Which day is going to be perfectly like the one you think is perfect?? Unrealistic.

But it never hurts to dream! I was nominated for the Ideal Day Tag by this wonderful blogger here…actually more than a month or two ago. I FINALLY got around to doing it…and had such fun. XD Here’s my ideal day!


7:00 AM – I wake up, yawn, stretch in bed, play around with my stuffies, roll around, chit chat with my sister, and finally get up.

7:15 AM – I brush my teeth and change into something pretty and comfortable. I then brush my hair and put it up in a braid twist THAT ACTUALLY STAYS IN.

7:30 AM – I go downstairs and make breakfast! Today we’re having…blueberry pancakes with maple syrup and extra fresh blueberries. I snap a quick photo.

8:15 AM – I EAT breakfast (the best part).

8:45 AM – I get on my computer, open ALL my tabs. I write down my devotional, read a bit of Psalms, check my WP reader and notifications, review ScriptureTyper verses, occasionally check G+, open my mom’s email to see if there’s anything interesting, and watch a couple YouTube videos that happened to be uploaded recently…coincidentally, they are always cooking vids that are super short. I can’t stand long cooking videos.

9:30 AM – I’ll write a bit of the novel a friend (yes YOU) and I are writing, or check on her chapter. And then I’ll work on some of my other writing projects.

10:30 AM – I pull out my bullet journal, fill in squares on my habit tracker, and flail about how aesthetic other people’s bullet journals are.

10:45 AM – I read a bit of the Count of Monte Cristo…which by the way is taking so long to read why. It’s as thick as the Bible.

11:00 AM – I do MATH. *gags* But it’s not an ideal day if I don’t do math, right?? Hopefully it’s a section I actually understand.

12:00 PM – I do science. Science is…okay. That’s all I can say.

1:00 PM – I eat lunch while secretly reading The Count of Monte Cristo. Lunch today consists of a kale salad and OOH TACO BOWL. With lots of corn.

1:45 PM – I get on my laptop again and waste time.

2:00 PM – Grammar time. I have a love-hate relationship with grammar. Sometimes I like it, sometimes I don’t? It honestly depends.

2:45 PM – I don’t do a lot of grammar, so I finish in 45 minutes.

3:00 PM – If I’m taking an AP class, I’ll work on that. *gags again*

5:00 PM – I prepare a blog post over at Stuffie Adventures. Then, in a spree of inspiration, I write up another one here.

6:00 PM – I’ll help make dinner…and then I’ll EAT IT. Dinner consists of lentil stew and toast with plenty of olive oil on top. And for dessert (because we all know this world needs dessert), we have cookies n’ cream ice cream sandwiches.

7:00 PM – I dress one or two lovely stuffies and take them out in golden hour for a photo shoot. Either I’m going to like the pictures or I’m going to not like them. Deal with it.

7:30 PM – I hopefully like them so I import them into my laptop and gloat over them.

7:45 PM – I do the National Bible Bee, sometimes with my siblings, sometimes not. Yippeeeeeeeeeeeee! If it’s nearing competition season which it is now askjd aflksjd f, my reaction would be “NOOOOOOOOOOOOO” instead.

9:00 PM – I waste time on my laptop once again! And hopefully write a poem. And perhaps I’ll eat a midnight snack 😀 😀 :D.

9:30 PM – Oh yes, I forgot to mention that I’ll be randomly bullet journaling at intervals throughout the day. I randomly fill in some squares again, shut down my laptop, and read a bit more TCOMC.

9:45 PM – I brush my teeth, floss, perhaps change if my current outfit isn’t comfortable enough for bed, brush my hair, and all that stuff.

10:00 PM – Silly sisters let on the loose: while everyone thinks we’re asleep, we’ll play “Guess the Stuffie” and “Guess the Bible Bee contestant,” or talk in Dwuff lingo and crack each other up, or just laugh at pretty much nothing. Most likely the latter.

10:30 PM – We finally GO TO SLEEP.

10:45 PM – And I finally fall asleep.




12 thoughts on “My Dream Day That Will Never Ever Happen *sobs*

    • HA. HA. THANK YOU. 😀
      Yessss!!! Eeep!!! Happens all the time. And TOO BAD FOR YOU. I included school. And I shall not take it out. *malicious grin* Well, if it’s just like, three hours of school, I can stand it. If it’s school the whole day, just NO. 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  1. This is so neat!!!!! What a great idea!!!!! That sounds like an amazing day! I should do this on my blog….. lol Love how you mix up all your school with your fun stuff!!
    me? nope. I can’t do that! I have like an hour or two break to do some fun stuff that’s it! Oh well! I’m loving school!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Yes, isn’t it? Thank you SO much!!! ❤ You should totally do this on your blog, I would love to see it! 😀 Yeah…I don't love school, but I don't hate it that much either, so I like mixing it up with other things. 😉 Oh, that must be awful. *cries for you* XD XD I'm glad you are, though…


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