A Beautiful Disaster // Character Interview With Daisy @ Caught Daydreaming

In case you haven’t heard, Daisy, the amazing blogger behind Caught Daydreaming, is going to have her novelette, “A Beautiful Disaster,” published in just a few days!!

I could not RESIST signing up to do a character interview with her as part of her launch tour. Because this is all just so exciting!

Today I’m going to be interviewing Aspin, the princess of the pyxie, one of the main characters in her novelette. She is my new BFF and I want to read the book now… *sobs*

Here’s the cover and synopsis if you’re curious:

A Beautiful Disaster Cover Imge

When Wither is crowned king of the faerie, he knows that it is up to him to free his people from the UnderKingdom, a vast network of mines that his people have been confined to for a thousand years. In a desperate attempt to prove himself, he kidnaps the pyxie princess and swears that he will stop at nothing to convince her to help them.

When Aspin, princess of the pyxie, finds herself in the UnderKingdom, her first instinct isn’t fright- she has never been frightened of anything, for there has never been anything for her to be frightened of. When she meets the faerie, she agrees to help them into the world- into the light. A thousand years is far too long; no one should be in the dark that long.

Together, Wither and Aspin launch headlong into an adventure, setting off a chain of events out of their control.

And now we commence the interview!


What is your greatest fear?

Being without my family. I don’t really do ‘fear’, though- what is there to be afraid of if my loved ones are by my side?


Which living person do you most admire?

Definitely my mother. She’s a good queen, and very good at making plans. She’s always kept me safe…

What do you consider the most overrated virtue?

Well, I don’t know. All virtue has value.

On what occasion do you lie?


When and where were/are you happiest?

Well, Daisy says I can’t tell you that as it’s important to the plot. My deepest apologies!

What is your most treasured possession?

Probably my bed, actually. It’s a shell brought up from the river.

Tell about the worst moment in your life.

When I thought my father was going to banish me- but Daisy says I’m not to give you any more details than that.

What does your name mean?

Sliver says it’s a type of tree.

How do other people see you vs. how you see yourself?

I see myself as happy and bubbly, and I think others see me as naive… I’m not sure, though.

If you could have one wish granted, what would it be?

I’ve already had my wish granted, silly! It’s in the book.

follow the tour

July 28 – Evy (Author Interview)

July 29 – ME! (Character Interview)

July 30 – Tanisha (Book Highlight)

July 31 – Sophie (Character Interview)

August 1 – Zuri (Author Interview)

August 2 – Pip (Author Interview)

Thanks, Daisy! I had a ton of fun doing this! Check out her blog (for more info about A Beautiful Disaster, or simply because it’s awesome).



shall we chat?

have you ever done a character interview? on what occasion do YOU lie? how do other people see you vs. how you see yourself?  are you excited for Daisy’s publication?



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