Get To Know Me! (The Vlogging Tag)


But…um…you probably don’t know what I’m talking about. So I’ll tell you straight-on that Emmie @ American Girl World nominated me for the Vlogging Tag. Ahem. Wait…did I just backspace? Oh no, I did it agin! Grr…typo. Okay…um…sorry. Wait, can I even add links?

The Vlogging Tag

You probably still don’t know what I’m talking about. So I give thee the rules:

1.Thank the person who nominated you and leave a link to their blog.

2.Write a post (it can be about absolutely anything) and don’t edit it at all, like you would if you were vlogging. No back spacing or deleting allowed. (But if you make a typo that looks like an inappropriate word then you can delete it) It does not have to include pictures, but if you do include them, no editing allowed either. 

3.Nominate 5 other people and let them know you nominated them.

So. I can’t backspace. Whew. Bummer.

And I still don’t know what I’m going to write this post about.

This is going to be kind of hard.

Oh, I know! I’m going to let you guys get to know me a bit more! I’l (noo typo) going to utilize the Get To Know Me Tag (even though I wasn’t nominated for it).


Name: Rebekah (duh).

Nicknames: Um…nothing? Or Rebcake, which is miy username. Why on earth am I not allowed to backspace? Having so many typos in one post is going to make people think I’m not a professional blogger.

Birthday: Hehe. Nope. Not telling. *zips mouth shut* 🤐 🤐 🤐

OH YES I forgot to tell you earlier. I have to be deleting stuff because I’m using May’s post as a framework. So obviously I have to dete her answers and add my own. Good excuse — exception, I meant. Ugh. Why. I shall nevervlog in my life. Oh wait I just backspaced. #oops

ALSO I NEED TO GO IN AND ADD GIFS LATER. Hope that’s also an exception. Grr. No fair. OH AND PICTURES. Maybe.

O wait. I guess I can’t do that. I told you I would never

Why did I start that sentence and not finish it. If this is the life of a volgger, #pleaseno.

Star Sign: *blinks* Um…i don’t know?? Okay, I just back spaced. Colossal mistake.

Occupation: None. Currently. But I like to think I’m a writer (BACKSPACE Wy), dreamer, daughter, sister, blogger, queen , undercover spy (hehe. you never know), photographer, filmmaker, etc. etc. etc.


AND SERIOUSLY? No, not that I just backspaced. Rather, I just realized I was typing this in Stuffie Adventures instead of Head In The Clouds. Wait a minute while I transfer…

Okay. I’m here again. And I just realized I forgot to center-align the first header 3, too. Wait, why I saying this? I should be doing this like a professional vogger. I meant vlogger.

Banging Computer Gif.gif



Hair color: Brownish-black…

Hair length: Rnot too long, not too sort…that was short. Anyways. I just checked atnd saw that it was almost down to the middle of my belly, but of course, I was leaning down soo….and that’s the best description I have? Yes.

Eye Color: It’s the sayeme — I meant same color as my hair.

Best Feature: Everything? Nothing? I have no idea? My eyes? Maybe?

Braces: Nope! I had them before, but got them off about two yars ago. I meant years.

Piercings: No, am I’m glad! I meant: and I’m glad! Emmie, why did you even nominate me for this thing? It’s getting on my nerves.

Tattoos: What even. Can I borrow this gif May used? Say yes.

Image result for duh glare gif

Right or Left: Right, of course. I’m so ordinary. *sighs*



Real Holiday: Um…Christmas? i have absolutely no idea. Whoops…backspace.

Best Friend: Ahh, lah…lum de dum…hmm. I keep thinking it’s this girl I meant — *met — in choir, but I was like, already seven by that time, soo…her name is Natalie, for the curious.

Award: What is an award?

Okay, I’m so bad at theses questions.

I meant *these.

Sport: Hmm…swimming, I think. Hahha. I remember I was terified of water. I took lessons at YMCA and, I remember this one time I won…*wouldn’t get into the water because I was scared of it. And my mom bribed me with “reader…reading picture books* and I was like nO pLeAse.

Concert: Some orchestra concert of my older siblings, I’m sure. 😉



Yass!! My favorite part!!

TV Show(s): I don’t watch TV…*cue the shocked looks*

Color: I have a lot. I think my first pick would probably be cyan…second? LIGHT PINKKKKK.

Songs: I don’t listen to that much music either…*cue even more shocked looks* Not the rotten tomatoes, please. Have I been bakspacing this whole time? I hope not.


Shop: Goodwill!

Books: The Bronze Bow by Elizabeth George Speare. And it just drive me crazy because I’m like: “I should have written this.”

Shoes: Do I care? No.



Feeling: Weird. Because my back itches. Thinking how everyone is sleeping. Being cool. Thinking about how this question is so random and there’s probably another one that asks how I’m thiniking wight now. Oh I’mso confusing. Blame it on Emmie for tagging me.

Single or Taken: What? Single.


Eating: Nothing? But I just stole a tomato from the kitchhen table. It was good.


Image result for hungry gif
Why am I blatantly using all of May’s gifs instead of making my own? And apparently this caption is a link?


Thinking About: How I already answered this questions. How I just spelled “question” plural. How  unprofessional this post is because there’s so mahy typos I can’t ifix.


Wearing: Comfy black shorts with a purple tennis shirt. 😛



Want Children: YESSS!!!!! *squeals and cuddles a bunch of babies* But honestly I want like 5 or more. XD I know, a lot of work…

Want to be Married: Well, if I want  children, obviously??

Careers in Mind: Filmmaker!! And ooh, published author! And computer programmer and graphic designer and missionary and the list goes on and on…

Where You Want to Live: Right where I’m living right now. #OppositeOfANomad



God: Yeep. I believe…did I just backspace? Sorry for the interruption. I believe that He created us, we all are sinners, He sent Jesus to die for uour sins, and He is coming back someday. ❤ ❤ ❤

Miracles: Well yes?? Because God preformed them? I meant Jesus performed them. Technicall the same thing. *technicalluy ## *technically

Love at first sight: I think that you can be attracted to someone at first sight, but not immediately fall in love with that person. It’s called INSTA-LOVE and it’s completely unrealistic.

^^ sorry that was Mayy’s answer. But I couldn’t resist because i think the esact same way. *exact

Ghosts: Not really, but the Bible does mention Samuel’s ghost? Ahh, la, well, dum…

Aliens: Probably not…it would be cool if theire were, though! 😀

Soul Mates: What on earth is a soul mate?

Heaven: Yes (fortunately!)

Hell: I would be a weird Christian to believe in heaven but not hell, reght? *right?

Kissing on a first date: Hum…de dum…STOP THESE QUESTIONS ARE SO …wierd. *weird

Yourself: Yes! P#roud. I meant: #PROUD

Okay, the Vloggin Tag was litierarrly the worst and hardest tag I’ve ever done.

But the funnest.

And now I get to pick nomkness!! I meant nominees. What on earth is a nomkness?


Brookie *BROOKE @ foodandfunstuff

Thoughths In Life *Thoughts In Life

Rebecca @ This Amazing Adventure

Julia @ Julias Journals

Sophie @ Lunar Reflections

And don’t get your hopes up too high, nominees. This is going to be harder than you think.

Wow, I’m so encouraging.

Also, thank you Emmie! For making me freeze within myself every time I hit the backspace button. *hands you certificate*

Do you find this a fun yet frustrating tag? What is YOUR name? What’s your best feature? Fisst sport? *first Do you care about your shoes? What are you thinking right now?



19 thoughts on “Get To Know Me! (The Vlogging Tag)

  1. XD Now THAT was fantabulous. You had me cracking up. Hey, what about awards? I’m sure you got one, oh, say 2014? In um…. FL…. namely a very popular city of FL. XD Sorry, I couldn’t help it. 🙂
    ~ LIght4theLord

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks so much for the nomination!!! I sadly have already done the tag, so I don’t think I can really do it again. But yes, Thanks! This post was HILARIOUS! Ugh the typo struggle.. I Know how you feel..

    Liked by 1 person

    • You’re welcome! And hmm…I actually nominated you for the Vlogging Tag, not the Get To Know Me Tag (which I didn’t pick nominees for since I didn’t get nominated). Haha, thanks! Yup… 😛


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