A Month In Review: June

Why hullo there, cloud people! Have you all had a wonderful June? Today I’m going to review this month, and at the end you’ll see my rating for June! if the featured image didn’t give it away already

That works better for me than the “monthly recap”  most bloggers do, because ahem. How on earth do you even set “GOALS” for the next month?? and actually STICK to them instead of jumping all over the place and suddenly discovering new hobbies like me?? Things work for different people, okay.

So nothing about goals. Deal?

Anyways. Here goes the looong lists. #sorrynotsorry

moments of writing

(a.k.a. nothing because I was an extremely lazy writer this month)

-I’m doing Camp NaNoWriMo in July!! *wild screaming* On the Young Writer’s site. I was going to redo NaPoWriMo all by myself, but then I saw it on the website and I was like, “what fun?” Though I know it totally will not be fun. *wild groaning* I’m currently trying to decide whether I should actually WRITE my novel (and risk failing and cringing and ultimately dying), or if I should go the safe way and PLOT my novel (and risk not knowing what to do and getting discouraged and ultimately dying as well). Wait…this isn’t a moment of June. This is looking ahead into July. Ermm…somebody remind me how to backspace?

-“Trying” to plot ahead for Camp NaNoWriMo. Honestly?? Honestly?? How does one even plot?? Even with the workbook I’m here like…oh my goodness this gif is so perfect.

What Do I Do.gif

-Writing an alliteration poem with my sister. Which I haven’t finished yet. I told you this was a horrid month in writing.

-Well I tried to write a social outcast story but I never managed to finish. At least I can say I tried.


-That’s all, honestly?? And I want to be a published author someday?? Honestly, Rebekah. Step your act up. *punches self* ouch.

moments of blogging.PNG

my posts this month

This month, unfortunately, I completely lost inspiration for Head In The Clouds. Half just because, and half because it was an extremely busy month over at Stuffie Adventures and I was already pretty stressed out from takeover week. And so I only wind up with one post excluding this one. #oops

But hey, it’s a post I’m proud of!

click le pic to see le post

posts from around the blogosphere

Emmie from The Realm Of Writing is starting Taco-About-It Tuesday! And apparently, if I post about it on my blog, I get to do the taco tag?? This counts, right???

Do K.C. a favor! She’s literally the cutest doll in the world and Madi’s photography agh I’m dying.

You simply must join Light4TheLord’s 4th of July doll parade!

PenelopeCrumb includes meeeee in her unique/interesting blogs post!! *gasps and screams* *continues screaming wildly*

Definitely check out Sherlock Week from Michele Wong Music! She’s legit the sweetest so go follow her now or else I shall stalk you. *does a stalkerish pose* *realizes it’s quite silly so quickly continues typing and hopes nobody saw her*

Grace — err, I meant, Charis, is switching over to self-hosted! GO CHECK OUT HER BLOG IT’S SO AESTHETIC AND FLOWERY AND I’M JEALOUS AND WHY AM I RANTING IN ALL CAPS.

moments of life

-I began Stuffie Takeover Week. Over at my other blog. It was so much fun!!

Little Life Snippets Snapshot

I’ve started a family video series! Oh my goodness!!!! am I having a good time or something??? But seriously. I never thought it would be so fun to just capture little snippets of life.

-I’m pressing flowers. So, funny story. I was pressing three flowers in a book. I had them in for about a week, so I figured it was about time to take them out, but lo and behold, I had forgotten which book I pressed them in. *crickets* Just when I was giving up all hope, however, my brother was doing science and found it folded in his textbook. Hehe.

I watched this documentary. Now I can safely say I want to be a filmmaker.

-I started tennis lessons. And I fail miserably. *sighs*

-I DREW A SKULL IN ART CLASS. Actually, two skulls. But I like my first one better. Now I just hope it won’t jump out of my page and haunt my nightmares.

Our Yard Getting Mowed.PNG

-Our yard got mowed. And I almost forgot to mention it? When we first got to our new house, there was no grass, just mud. And then weeds started growing. By the time of four months, the tallest parts were UP TO MY HEAD (no I’m not kidding!) We FINALLY paid our neighbors to mow it down for us. FINALLYYYYY

finally gif.gif

-Our garden is faring nicely. Or more specifically, we’re getting a lot of tasty tomatoes!

final rating

june rating - 4%2F5.pngFour out of five clouds!

I would have rated it five if I’d done more writing. *hides*

are you a horrible writer like me? what were some of your “moments” this month?



18 thoughts on “A Month In Review: June

    • Thanks so much! 😛 SO AM I!!!! That sounds…so me. XD
      FELLOW READERS. *claps* Except…I don’t even read. So basically all I did last month was…nothing. Hmph.


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