Monday Musings #1

Hello! How are you doing today! I decided to start a new series on my blog; welcome to Monday Musings!

Monday Musings is basically a series where I’ll post some of my musings every Monday of the week. This week, I’ll post all my “currents.”


current readings




I’m not currently reading anything, but I just recently finished A Tale Of Two Cities by Charles Dickens! It was an amazingly well-written book – a little confusing for me at some points – but amazing nonetheless!

current writings

Uhhh….don’t try to peer too close… XD

I’m currently writing snippets of my WIP, since I’m not the organized type who plots out and writes every chapter in order. XD I guess I’ll just write a bunch, and then finally merge them together into chapters. 😀 😀 😀 Because I’m #that kind of person.

I’m also planning to make a bunch of prayer cards, each with a prayer on them – except in poem form! I’ve already written one, now for the rest of them… 🙂

current obsessions

Making videos! I made a couple science whiteboard animation videos, in which I picked a science topic, wrote and drew things on the whiteboard, and then sped it up/edited it in Movie Maker! It’s super fun! But when I got tired of that, I began making videos in which I did science experiments. It’s really cool because instead of just music, I kept the sound on! Video editors accentuate the beautiful sounds, so it’s quite awesome. Luckily I didn’t sneeze or say anything weird while filming.

But seriously though, I’m absolutely obsessed. I know what you’re thinking, you wanna see one. Well, I made most of them private, but here:

current projects


I’m working on coding something which I’m titling ListPro! It’ll be a simple organizer, kinda like Todoist, MemoNotepad,, or Evernote. That is, if I don’t abandon it like I do with all my projects.

I’m also planning on writing a bunch of prayer card poems this week as I mentioned. 🙂

current -3s.png


That picture is just SO aesthetic…*drools*

What do you guys think of the sample headers and buttons I’ve made over at my Design page? These are some of my favorites that I’ve ever made. 🙂

current contemplations

If heaven is so awesome, why don’t we just get there ASAP? Enni wrote a beautiful post on her blog covering her thoughts on this. It was so wonderful to hear my exact thoughts put into words!


So that wraps up Monday Musings for this week!

do you like the idea of this series? what are your “currents?” what do you think of the site redesign and my new signoff?



9 thoughts on “Monday Musings #1

  1. Just saw the questions. *Facepalm.* Yes, more. More. More. Your blog looks great! So does your signoff too! Well, I’m currently reading Rose Daughter, currently writing All Alone in This World, The Newspaper Girl and a story untitled, current obsessions are…designing. I’m basically creating absurd things. 😆 I don’t know about current projects though. Current loves are also not sure. Current contemplations…um…not sure! But thank you, thank you, thank you for telling about my post!

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