Describe The Days Of The Week Tag

Hello! Mirra @ A Young Writer’s Dream nominated me for the Describe The Days Of The Week tag. It seems like such a fun and interesting tag, so of course, I had to do it! Basically, all you have to do is describe each day of the week as a person. Here goes:

describe the days of the week
I made a new graphic for this, since there didn’t seem to be any yet. What do you think of it? Have my graphic design skills gotten any better?





Monday is the calm, casual one. He has ruffled brown hair and brown eyes, and his style is jeans and a hoodie. He’s very likeable at school, and very on-the-go. He plans well and starts out well.


Tuesday’s the sweet little dreamer who notices the little things. She has lovely blonde curls and sparkling blue eyes, and she finds beauty in nature, photography, and writing. She dresses in flowing lace dresses.


Wednesday is the boring girl. She’s like any other, has nothing about her that’s interesting, and yet is quite enjoyable to be with. She wears blonde braids and has green eyes, and she’s always dressed in the same style: leggings and a T-shirt.



Thursday is the friendly one. Everybody looks up to him, and he’s responsible for much that happens around the house. He follows a normal day’s routine; however, he does like to do something different once in a while. He has beige hair and hazel eyes, and he dresses in sweatpants and a jacket.


Friday looks ahead. She’s always looking out for her family and socializing with friends. She’s relaxed, calm, and capable wherever she goes. She wears a gray skirt with a cute top, and she has black hair with brown eyes.saturday

Saturday is the adventurous one. She has feisty orange hair and freckles, and she’s always looking out for her next chance to explore. She follows no rules, but instead makes her own. She’s cheerful, and she dresses in clothes suitable for adventure: a simple shirt with a hoodie and jeans. sunday

Sunday’s a lazy one with brown hair and hazel eyes who often wears a gray hoodie. He’s fun and always finds something exciting to do, but he’s easily bored and always sleepy. However, he does like to sing in his church choir.


Thank you again for nominating me, Mirra! I had lots of fun with this!

I hereby nominate:

Penelope Crumb

Enni  @ Hooves And Pens

Samantha @ Redhead With A Book

Madi @ Madi Grace

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Light4TheLord @ A Light In My Life

Brooke @ Food And Fun Stuff

Staff @ My Doll Corner

Have fun! As always, apologies if you have already been nominated! For I am much too lazy to check.

Which day of the week are you most like?



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