The Interview Collab w/ Rachel Vincent

Hello, hello, hello! How is your day? I’m currently catchin’ up on computer life after being super busy for the past week. But that’s not important. What is important is…

The Random Name Picker chose me to do my first ever collab with Rachel Vincent from Nancy Drew! 🙂 We decided to do one of the simplest and yet most enjoyable posts: interviews! In this post, I’ll answer the ten questions she gave me here, but be sure to also check out her answers to my questions on her blog!

Shall we get started?


How long have you been blogging?

My first ever post on Stuffie Adventures!

I’m a newbie to blogging, actually! I’ve been blogging since February of 2017 (three months ago) on Stuffie Adventures, but I’ve only had this personal blog for about a month. 🙂

Is this your first blog?

Stuffie Adventures Header

Nope! My stuffed animal blog is and still remains my main one. Which explains why this one can be inactive for quite a while… XD

What blogging base do you like most (WordPress, Blogger, etc.)

Personally, I really enjoy using WordPress! It allows me a lot of customization options over my blog and is relatively straightforward as well, although it does have it’s problems. 😀 However, I’ve heard that Blogger doesn’t have a limit for file storage, and allows you to jump right into HTML and make all the changes you want, which is awesome. Also, my sister has been experimenting with Wix and tells me that it’s super duper cool…

Do you have any strange talents?


Honestly, all of my talents are strange ones. 😉 But I do have an obsession with making stuffie stop motion videos, or honestly, any kind of video.

rainy-day-fun snip
A snip from my newest stop motion video: Rainy Day Galore (click the image to watch it)! Don’t worry, I’ve learned a lot more about stop motioning. 🙂 I’m planning on producing a new, smoother one soon.

But that really isn’t too strange. *racks brain for another answer* *can’t think of any others* *sighs*

What’s your favorite book and why?

Why, I thought you’d never ask!


The Bronze Bow has been my favorite book for years and remains so. I wish I wrote it. It tells the story of Daniel bar Jamin, a young boy in the time of Jesus who…wait, why am I telling you this? Go read it yourself!

What’s your dream job and why?

Must you put this question to me?

Codecademy screenshot.

I think it would be super cool to be a computer programmer/web designer. *starts thinking up ideas* *opens a hundred code files* *starts coding* *presently discards everything she just wrote*

My huge project I’m getting started on right now is a photo editor. 😉 It will take YEARS and WAY more knowledge than I have right now, but ahhh it’s going to be amazing.


If not that as my dream job, definitely an author or poet. 🙂

In ten words, describe your BFF.


Does a sister count?

If so: amazing, horrible, awesome, terrible, creative, fussy, loyal, frustrating, affable, agonizing.


What style do you dress in?

I prefer a comfy sweater and jeggings in the winter, and a nice(ish) shirt and skirt in the warmer seasons. Leggings are awesome, too.

I couldn’t find a proper photo of one of my outfits or an ideal human outfit. Can I show you a doll picture instead? You’re welcome.


This outfit that Delaney is wearing looks like something I’d wear in the summer. Isn’t it so pretty? Isn’t she so pretty?


Why did I put up this absolutely beautiful but totally unrelated photo of Taryn, you ask? *racks brain for an excuse*

UM…ahh! That’s something I would wear, too! I love that shirt! See?


What’s your favorite food and least favorite food?

How can someone pick a favorite food? Hmm…can I have three?




2. Croissants


3. Ice cream

As you can see, I have quite the sweet tooth. XD


Can I cheat and add sushi, too?

And as for a least favorite food…


Goat milk. *gags* It just does not appeal to my taste buds. I can tolerate literally anything else (including raw asparagus).

FUN FACT: There was a time when I disliked eggs and avocados. #whatwasithinking

Show us a drawing you’ve done of anything!



That’s a drawing I did from a photograph of a baby. You like it? Because I don’t

That’s my sister’s drawing of the same photograph. You like it better, don’t you? XD XD


So that’s all! Thanks to Rachel for doing the collab with me; I had loads of fun answering her questions! Be sure to check out her answers to mine over at her blog. 🙂

have you ever done a collab with anyone? did you enjoy reading my answers? are you going to go over to Nancy Drew to read Rachel’s?



7 thoughts on “The Interview Collab w/ Rachel Vincent

  1. I loved your answers! The dream ambition thingy was quite real in my accound. XD I want to be a web designer or UI or something, but I also lovelovelove photo editing AND writing is taking over me!! I’m honestly quite a confused little bean. 😛

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Aaaaah Rebekah thanks so much for linking to two photos from my blog! That means so much!

    How in the world was I not following you until literally just now?! Silly me. *hits the follow button*

    This was so fun to read! I love doing collabs, too! And sushi… *mouth waters* I had some last night. Oh my gosh, so good. 😍 Definitely one of my top favorite foods for sure.

    Aaaaand yes ma’am! Heading over to Rachel’s post right now!


    P.S. I love your graphics of “welcome” “search” “follow along”, etc. They’re amazing!

    Liked by 1 person

    • You’re so welcome! I didn’t want this to be a pictureless post, but I couldn’t find any good outfit pictures, so #whynot. XD Taryn and Delaney are pretty. 😀 Aww, thanks for following!!!
      Yes, collabsssss. Sushiiiiii….ahh, lucky you. *wants sushi* I don’t think Rachel has published her post yet, but glad you’re going to check it out when she does! 😛

      P.S. Thanks! I know they’re not as good as some graphic design pros, but I tried the best I could. 🙂 Glad you like them!


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